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Publikované október 10, 2018, Autor: Veronika Basta

COOPERATION – for Modern and Functioning Rovinka

Let me also invite you to the last pre-election meeting with voters before the campaign silence in the Social Hall in the Cultural House in Rovinka on 7.11.2018 (Wednesday) from 7.00 pm.

Program overlaps and my support as a candidate for a mayor of Rovinka from 10 other candidates – 6 from our coalition and 4 independent ones – running for a village council is the key factor in local elections. At the new beginning after the elections, it will be important to find out the financial condition of our municipality. Plenty of promises can be made before elections. Some of the points in my program do not need to address the issue of funding, but rather the issue of involving citizens in public life and decision making within our municipality.

In case I get the highest number of votes and become mayor of Rovinka, in close cooperation with the Village Council, I would like to pay more attention to the following 4 topics besides the dignified representation of our citizens in everyday life issues in our village:

• Development of an anti-corruption strategy for the municipality and building citizens‘ trust towards self-government
• Transparent and efficient selection of suppliers for the municipality addressed through market research even in cases where the Public Procurement Act does not require it
• Comprehensive public disclosure of regular municipal administration reports
• Extension of office hours at the municipal office, more effective and reflective website of Rovinka municipality
• Public debates and support for civic participation in public decision-making

• Updating of territorial plan of Rovinka to reflect current urban challenges
• Gradual solution of long-term issue of insufficient capacities of the kindergarten and elementary school
• Supporting sustainable means of transport
• Construction of the bus stop at Zásihlie
• Building of railway infrastructure for the train connection from Rovinka
• Improving the quality of the municipal infrastructure, completing missing sidewalks, establishing of barrier-free public spaces
• Public space adjustment by public involvement – public spaces designed, used and maintained by the local community

• Use of The EU finances for adaptation to climate change through a wide range of instruments that will also make Rovinka more beautiful
• Publication of the results of regular air monitoring and accredited drinking water tests on the municipality website
• More efficient waste management and the gradual incentive to reduce payments for municipal waste disposal from our households

• Supporting the preparation and realization of socially beneficial events for citizens, with emphasis on the consolidation of interpersonal relations
• Support for young families and civic activities aimed at healthy lifestyle and community development
• Dignified care and more attention and care given to elderly people of Rovinka

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